Friday, 5 August 2022

Local Lepidoptera

June and July is always a great time to visit the local woods and enjoy a great selection of butterflies.

Managed only a small handful of visits to Bucknell & Whistley Woods this year, but did manage to see most of the specialities, including a few Purple Emperors, Silver-Washed Fritillaries, White Admirals, Wood White, Purple Hairstreak and several Painted Ladies.

I've been keeping a consistent eye on the garden during this relentless period of dry weather. Probably the scarcest thing I saw unfortunately gave me the slip, as a very likely Brown Argus dropped in on my lawn for about 5 seconds before scooting off over the fence. A garden first that got away!

Recorded both Essex and Small Skippers, plus another couple of brief 'small skipper' sightings, zipping straight through.

Several other common species too with particularly good numbers of Gatekeepers. It seems a great year for them - they're everywhere!

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